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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Aadesh Boy Indian Instruction
Adesa Boy Sanskrit Command, order
Adesh Boy Sanskrit Command, order
Adesimbo Girl African Of righteous birth
Adesina Girl African She opens the way
Archimedes Boy Greek N/A
Aristeides Boy Greek Best figure
Aristides Boy Greek Best figure
Desdemona Girl Greek Ill-starred
Deshad Boy Indian Nation; country
Deshal Boy Indian National
Deshan Boy Indian Nation; country
Deshaun Boy American E... N/A
Deshawn Boy American E... N/A
Déshèng Boy Chinese Virtuous victory
Déshí Boy Chinese Virtuous man
Desi Both Latin Longed for
Desideratus Boy Latin Longed for; desi...
Desideria Girl Latin Longing
Desiderio Boy Latin Longing
Desiderius Boy Latin Longing
Desirae Girl Latin Desired
Desirée Girl Latin Desired
Desislav Boy Slavonic Search for glory...
Desislava Girl Slavonic Search for glory...
Desmond Boy Gaelic Man from south M...
Desta Both African Happiness
Destin Boy American E... N/A
Destinee Girl English Destiny, fate
Destiny Girl English Destiny, fate