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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Damaskinos Boy Greek From Damascus
Damayanti Girl Sanskrit Subduing
Dameka Girl American E... N/A
Dameon Boy Greek N/A
Damhán Boy Gaelic Fawn
Damhnait Girl Gaelic Young deer
Damia Girl Greek Taming
Damian Boy Greek To tame
Damiana Girl Greek To tame
Damiano Boy Greek To tame
Damianos Boy Greek To tame
Damica Girl American E... N/A
Damien Boy Greek To tame
Damion Boy Greek To tame
Damisi Girl Swahili Happy; gregarious
Damodar Boy Sanskrit Rope around the ...
Damon Boy Greek To tame
Jagadamba Girl Sanskrit Mother of the wo...
Kadamba Boy Sanskrit Cloud; orange fl...
Kadambari Girl Sanskrit Female cuckoo
Kadambi Girl Sanskrit Cloud; orange fl...
Kadambini Girl Sanskrit Garlanded with c...
Kardama Boy Sanskrit Shadow
Shridaman Boy Sanskrit Beautiful garland
Sudama Boy Sanskrit He who gives gre...
Sudaman Boy Sanskrit Bountiful
Sudamini Boy Sanskrit Bountiful
Vedamurti Boy Sanskrit Embodiment of th...
Vladamir Boy Slavonic To rule with gre...