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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Cornesha Girl American E... N/A
Cornett Boy French Small horn; dwel...
Corona Girl Latin Crown
Coronis Girl Greek Crow
Correen Girl Greek Maiden
Correena Girl Greek Maiden
Correna Girl Greek Maiden
Corriana Girl Latin Horn; horned
Corriane Girl Latin Horn; horned
Corrianna Girl Latin Horn; horned
Corridon Boy Gaelic Spear
Corrie Girl Greek Maiden
Corrigan Boy Gaelic Spear, pointed o...
Corrin Boy Latin Spear
Corrina Girl Greek Maiden
Corrine Girl Greek Maiden
Corry Both Latin Horn; horned
Cort Boy French Court
Corte Boy French Court
Corteney Both English From Courtenay; ...
Cortez Boy Spanish In triumph; cour...
Cortlan Girl Dutch Short land
Cortland Boy Dutch Short land
Cortnay Both English From Courtenay; ...
Cortney Both English From Courtenay; ...
Corvin Boy English White castle
Corvinus Boy Latin Little raven
Corwin Boy English White castle
Cory Both Germanic God's peace
Jecori Boy American E... N/A