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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Corene Girl Greek Maiden
Corentin Boy Breton Relative or storm
Coretta Girl American E... N/A
Corey Both Germanic God's peace
Cori Girl Greek Maiden
Coriander Both Phoenician Coriander
Corianton Boy English N/A
Coriantumr Boy English N/A
Corie Boy Germanic God's peace
Corin Boy Latin Spear
Corina Girl Greek Maiden
Corine Girl Greek Maiden
Corinna Girl Greek Maiden
Corinne Girl Greek Maiden
Corinthia Girl Greek Woman from Corinth
Corinthian Boy Latin Of Corinth
Coriolanus Boy Latin From Corioli
Corliss Boy English Cheerful; joy
Corlissa Girl English Cheerful; joy
Corly Boy English Cornel-tree
Cormac Boy Gaelic Son of raven
Cormag Boy Gaelic Son of raven
Cornel Boy Latin Horn; horned
Cornelia Girl Latin Horn; horned
Cornelio Boy Latin Horn; horned
Cornelis Boy Latin Horn; horned
Corneliu Boy Latin Horn; horned
Cornelius Boy Latin Horn; horned
Cornell Boy Latin Horn; horned
Cornelle Boy Latin Horn; horned