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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Collis Boy English Coal seller
Collwen Girl Welsh N/A
Colm Boy Latin Dove
Colma Both Latin Dove
Colmán Boy Latin Dove
Colmar Boy English [famed victory]
Colomba Girl Latin Dove
Colombe Girl Latin Dove
Colombina Girl Italian Little dove
Colombine Girl Latin Dove
Colombo Boy Latin Dove
Colonel Boy Italian Column
Colorado Boy Spanish Colorful
Colsen Boy English Son of Nicholas
Colson Boy English Son of Nicholas
Colston Boy English Coal stone
Colt Boy English Young male horse
Colten Boy English Cola's town
Colter Boy English Colt-herd
Colton Boy English Coal town; Cola'...
Colum Boy Latin Dove
Columba Boy Latin Dove
Columbanus Boy Latin Dove
Columbia Girl Latin Dove
Columbina Girl Latin Dove
Columbus Boy Latin Dove
Colvin Boy English Coal miner
Colyer Boy English Coal seller
Driscoll Boy Gaelic Thicket of briars
Ercole Boy Greek Glory of Hera