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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Acintya Boy Sanskrit Not thought of; ...
Alcina Girl Greek Strong-willed
Alcinda Girl Latin Light
Capucine Girl French Nasturtium
Cincinnatus Boy Latin With curly hair
Cinderella Girl English Little ash girl
Cindi Girl Latin Light
Cindie Girl Latin Light
Cindy Girl Latin Light
Cinnabar Both English Mercuric sulphid...
Cinnamon Girl Greek A spice
Cinthia Girl Greek Woman from Kynthos
Cintia Boy Greek From Kynthos
Dulcina Girl Latin Sweet
Dulcinea Girl Latin Sweet
Erycina Girl Greek Queen of the hea...
Francina Girl Latin From France
Francine Girl Latin From France
Hyacinth Both Greek Hyacinth
Hyacinthe Both Greek Hyacinth
Jacin Boy Greek Healer
Jacinda Girl Greek Hyacinth
Jacinta Girl Greek Hyacinth
Jacinte Girl Greek Hyacinth
Jacinth Girl Greek Hyacinth
Jacintha Girl Dutch Hyacinth
Jacinthe Girl Greek Hyacinth
Jacinto Boy Greek Hyacinth
Jencin Boy Finnish Son of Johannes
Jocinda Girl Greek Hyacinth