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We could not find the name you were looking for, but we do have the following suggestions:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Marcianus Boy Latin From the god Mars
Melcia Girl Greek Black
Mercia Girl English Border people
Paciano Boy Latin Peace
Patricia Girl Latin A patrician
Phylicia Girl Greek Foliage
Phyllicia Girl Greek Foliage
Porcia Girl Latin Pig
Presencia Girl Spanish Presence
Prudencia Girl Latin Provident
Salcia Girl Hebrew Peace
Sancia Girl Latin N/A
Stacia Girl Greek Resurrection
Stefcia Girl Greek Crown
Tamecia Girl American E... N/A
Theodocia Girl Greek God giving
Tricia Girl Latin A patrician
Valecia Girl Latin Healthy and strong
Valencia Girl Latin Healthy and strong
Valenciana Girl Latin Healthy and strong
Vanecia Girl Latin Group of Illyria...
Walercia Girl Latin Valiant