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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Shinichi Boy Japanese One truth
Shuchi Both Sanskrit Pure
Shuichi Boy Japanese One lord
Shuichiro Boy Japanese Governing first ...
Shuuichi Boy Japanese The best
Suchin Girl Thai Beautiful thought
Taichi Boy Japanese Big one
Tareva-Chine Girl N/A N/A
Techiya Girl Hebrew Life
Tomiichi Boy Japanese One who is wealthy
Tzachi Boy Hebrew My clarity
Uchechi Boy African Chi's will
Wachiru Boy African Son of a judge
Xochitl Both Aztec Flower
Yachid Boy Hebrew Single
Yachil Boy Hebrew To wait
Yachin Boy Hebrew He will establish
Yachini Boy Hebrew God will establish
Yechia Boy Hebrew May my God live
Yechiach Boy Hebrew May my brother l...
Yechiad Boy Hebrew May He live fore...
Yechiah Boy Hebrew May my God live
Yechiam Boy Hebrew May the nation l...
Yechiav Boy Hebrew May Father live
Yechida Girl Hebrew Unique; unity
Yechiel Boy Hebrew May God live
Yechiela Girl Hebrew May God live
Yechieli Boy Hebrew May my God live
Yechiella Girl Hebrew May God live
Yechiya Boy Hebrew May my God live