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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Michiye Girl Japanese Three thousand b...
Michiyo Girl Japanese Era of beauty an...
Nachiketa Boy Sanskrit N/A
Nachiketan Boy Sanskrit N/A
Onuwachi Boy African Lord's world
Perachiah Boy Hebrew Jehovah\'s flower
Pichi Boy Mapudungun Small; boy
Rachim Boy Aramaic Compassion
Rachita Boy Sanskrit Prepared
Richie Boy French Strong power; ha...
Riichi Boy Japanese First advantage;...
Riichirou Boy Japanese Son of one logic
Ritchie Boy French Strong power; ha...
Rochira Girl Sanskrit Aura
Rochiras Girl Sanskrit Aura
Ruchi Girl Sanskrit Light, beauty
Ruchir Boy Sanskrit Brilliant
Ruchira Boy Sanskrit Brilliant
Sachi Girl Japanese Colorful wisdom
Sachie Girl Japanese Auspicious bless...
Sachihiro Boy Japanese Broad happiness
Sachiho Boy Japanese Happiness and ea...
Sachiko Girl Japanese Child of happiness
Sachin Boy Sanskrit Essence; existence
Sachio Boy Japanese Auspicious boy
Sachiye Girl Japanese Auspicious bless...
Sachiyo Girl Japanese Happy generation
Sanchia Girl Latin Sacred
Seiichi Boy Japanese Sincere one
Shachi Girl Sanskrit The powerful or ...