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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Chasia Girl Hebrew Guarded by god
Chasid Boy Hebrew Pious, devout, r...
Chasida Girl Hebrew Righteous
Chasiel Boy Hebrew Refuge of God
Chasin Boy Hebrew Strong; hardy
Chasina Girl Aramaic Powerful, strong...
Chasity Girl English Chastity
Chason Boy Hebrew Strong; hardy
Chassidy Girl English Chastity
Chassie Girl English Chastity
Chastity Girl English Chastity, chaste
Chasya Girl Hebrew Protected by the...
Chaturbhuj Boy Indian Vishnu with four...
Chau Girl Vietnamese Pearls and other...
Chaucer Boy English Maker of leggings
Chaunce Boy English Good fortune
Chauncey Boy English N/A
Chauncy Boy English N/A
Chaundra Girl American E... N/A
Chauser Boy English Maker of leggings
Chausiku Girl Swahili Born at night
Chava Girl Hebrew Life
Chavez Boy Portuguese Keys
Chaviv Boy Hebrew Beloved
Chay Boy Hebrew He will enlarge
Chaya Girl Hebrew Alive, living
Chayanne Girl American E... Speak incoherently
Chayele Girl Hebrew Alive, living
Chayim Boy Hebrew Life
Chaz Boy German Free man