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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Charley Boy German Free man
Charli Girl N/A N/A
Charlie Boy Germanic Free man
Charline Girl German Free man
Charlize Girl Germanic Free man
Charlott Girl Germanic Free man
Charlotta Girl German Free man
Charlotte Girl Germanic Free man
Charlton Boy English Town of the peas...
Charma Girl Greek Joy, delight
Charmain Girl Latin N/A
Charmaine Girl Latin N/A
Charmen Girl Hebrew Garden; orchard
Charmian Girl Greek Joy, delight
Charmine Girl Greek Joy, delight
Charmonique Girl American E... N/A
Charna Girl Yiddish Dark
Charnesa Girl American E... N/A
Charnessa Girl American E... N/A
Charon Boy Greek Fierce brightness
Charu Boy Sanskrit Lovely; beautiful
Charudatta Boy Sanskrit Handsome, beauti...
Charulata Girl Sanskrit Beautiful vine
Charumati Girl Sanskrit Intelligent; wise
Charvaka Boy Indian Handsome
Charvee Girl Sanskrit Lovely; beautiful
Charvi Girl Sanskrit Lovely; beautiful
Chas Boy German Free man
Chase Boy English Huntsman
Chashmona Girl Hebrew Princess