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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Chapala Both Sanskrit Swift; lightning
Chapelin Boy English Clergyman
Chapell Boy English Lives near a chu...
Chapelle Boy English Lives near a chu...
Chaplin Boy English Clergyman
Chapman Boy English Merchant, trader
Chappell Boy English Lives near a chu...
Chappelle Boy English Lives near a chu...
Char Girl German Free man
Charaka Boy Sanskrit Vagabond, wanderer
Charbonnay Girl English Dark-haired
Charbonnet Both English Dark-haired
Chardonnay Girl French Variety of grape
Charin Boy Sanskrit Follower; disciple
Charini Girl Sanskrit Follower; disciple
Charis Girl Greek Grace; charm
Charisma Girl English Charm, appeal
Charissa Girl Greek Grace; charm
Charisse Girl Greek Grace; charm
Charity Girl English Charity; generou...
Charla Girl German Free man
Charlana Girl Germanic Free man
Charlane Girl Germanic Free man
Charleen Girl German Free man
Charlena Girl German Free man
Charlene Girl German Free man
Charles Boy Germanic Free man
Charlesette Girl Germanic Free man
Charlesia Girl Germanic Free man
Charleston Boy English Charles' son