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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Chania Girl Hebrew Encampment
Chanicka Girl American E... N/A
Chaniel Boy Hebrew Graciousness of ...
Chanika Girl American E... N/A
Chanina Girl Hebrew Gracious
Chanit Girl Hebrew Weapon
Chanita Girl Hebrew Weapon, spear
Chaniya Girl Swahili Wealthy
Channa Boy Sanskrit Renowned
Channah Girl Hebrew Grace; favour
Channary Girl Cambodian Moon faced
Channing Boy English Knowing
Chanoch Boy Hebrew Dedicated, initi...
Chantal Girl French Place of stones
Chantay Boy French Sang
Chanté Boy French Sang
Chantée Girl French Sang
Chantel Girl French Stony place
Chantell Girl French Place of stones
Chantelle Girl French Stony place
Chanthou Both Cambodian Flower
Chantilly Girl French Town in France; ...
Chantou Girl Cambodian Flower
Chantrea Girl Cambodian Moon; light of t...
Chantrelle Girl N/A N/A
Chantrice Girl American E... "Singer," perhaps
Chanya Girl Hebrew The grace of Jeh...
Chaonaine Girl African It has seen me
Chaos Both Greek Gaping void; space
Chapal Boy Sanskrit Swift; lightning