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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Chemdiah Girl Hebrew God is my desire
Chemdiya Girl Hebrew God is my desire
Chemish Boy English N/A
Chen Girl Hebrew Grace of God
Chenaniah Boy Hebrew Yahweh brings it...
Chenda Girl Cambodian Thought, intelli...
Cheney Boy French Oak wood; oak gr...
Chéng Boy Chinese Accomplished
Chéng-gong Boy Chinese Succeed, success
Chenia Girl Hebrew Grace of God
Chenoa Girl Native Ame... N/A
Chenya Girl Hebrew Grace of God
Chenzira Boy African Born on the road...
Cher Girl French Dear one
Cheri Girl French Dear one
Cherianne Girl French Dear one
Cherice Girl French Cherry
Cherie Girl French Darling
Cherilyn Girl N/A N/A
Cherilynn Girl French Dear one
Cherine Girl French Dear
Cherise Girl French Cherry
Cherish Girl English To care for dearly
Chermona Girl Hebrew Holy mountain
Chernobog Boy Slavonic Black God
Cherri Girl French Dear one
Cherrie Girl French Dear one
Cherrill Girl French Dear one
Cherry Girl English Cherry
Cheryl Girl French Darling