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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Carpo Girl Greek Withering
Carr Boy English Wetland
Carri Girl German Free man
Carrick Boy Gaelic Rock
Carrie Girl English N/A
Carrig Boy Gaelic Rock
Carrington Boy English N/A
Carrissa Girl French Caress
Carrol Girl N/A N/A
Carroll Boy Gaelic Fierce warrior
Carson Boy Gaelic N/A
Carsten Boy Latin Follower of Christ
Carsyn Boy Gaelic N/A
Carter Boy English Transporter of m...
Cartimandua Girl English Uncertain, perha...
Cartwright Boy English Cart maker
Carulata Girl Sanskrit Beautiful vine
Carumati Girl Sanskrit Intelligent; wise
Carvell Boy English Kare's town
Carver Boy English Carver; sculptor
Carvill Boy English Kare's town
Carville Boy English Kare's town
Carwen Girl Welsh Blessed love
Carwyn Boy Welsh Blessed love
Cary Boy English Uncertain; possi...
Caryl Girl Welsh Love
Caryn Girl Greek [Pure]
Carys Girl Welsh Love
Ecarnación Girl Spanish Incarnation
Encarnaci Girl Spanish Incarnation