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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Carmineus Boy Latin N/A
Carminia Girl Hebrew Garden; orchard
Carmit Girl Hebrew Little vine
Carmiya Girl Hebrew Vineyard of the ...
Carmody Girl Gaelic Descendant of Ce...
Carmyne Boy Hebrew Garden; orchard
Carnación Girl Spanish Incarnation
Carnation Girl English Carnation
Carnelia Girl Latin Horn; horned
Carney Boy Gaelic Victorious
Carni Girl Hebrew My horn
Carnia Girl Hebrew Horn of God
Carniela Girl Hebrew Horn of the Lord
Carniella Girl Hebrew Horn of the Lord
Carniya Girl Hebrew Horn of God
Carol Both Germanic Free man
Carola Girl German Free man
Carolann Girl American E... Carol + Ann
Carole Girl German Free man
Carolin Girl German Free man
Carolina Girl German Free man
Caroline Girl German Free man
Caroll Boy Gaelic Fierce warrior
Carolus Boy German Free man
Carolyn Girl German Free man
Carolynn Girl German Free man
Carolynne Girl German N/A
Caron Boy Welsh Love
Carpenter Boy English Builder, wood wo...
Carpho Girl Greek Withering