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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Acarapi Boy Native Ame... Good fortune; lu...
Acarya Boy Sanskrit Teacher
Acaryananda... Boy Sanskrit Son of the teacher
Acaryasuta Boy Sanskrit Son of the teacher
Acaryatanaya Boy Sanskrit Son of the teacher
Alcardio Boy Greek One born in Arca...
Amilcare Boy Phoenician Friend of Melkar
Cara Girl Gaelic Friend
Caractacus Boy Welsh Beloved; amiable
Caradec Boy Welsh Beloved; amiable
Caradeg Boy Welsh Beloved; amiable
Caradoc Boy Welsh Beloved; amiable
Caradog Boy Welsh Beloved; amiable
Carannog Boy Welsh Victorious
Carantec Boy Welsh Victorious
Carantoc Boy Welsh Victorious
Carantog Boy Welsh Victorious
Caratacus Boy Welsh Beloved; amiable
Carberry Boy Gaelic N/A
Carbery Boy Gaelic N/A
Carbonell Boy English Dark-haired
Carbry Boy Gaelic N/A
Cardea Girl Latin Door hinge
Cardwell Boy French Thistly estate
Careen Girl German Free man
Carel Boy German Free man
Carell Boy Gaelic Fierce warrior
Caren Girl Greek [Pure]
Carena Girl Latin Beloved
Caresa Girl French Embrace