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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Ambroas Boy Greek Immortal
Ambrogio Boy Greek Immortal
Ambroise Boy Greek Immortal
Ambrose Boy Greek Immortal
Ambrosette Girl Greek Undying, immortal
Ambrosi Boy Greek Undying, immortal
Ambrosia Girl Greek Immortal
Ambrosina Girl Greek Immortal
Ambrosine Girl Greek Undying, immortal
Ambrosio Boy Greek Undying, immortal
Ambrosios Boy Greek Undying, immortal
Ambrosius Boy Greek Undying, immortal
Ambroz Boy Greek Undying, immortal
Barbro Girl Greek Foreign, strange
Broc Boy English Badger
Brock Boy English Badger
Broder Boy Norse Brother
Broderic Boy Welsh Reddish-brown
Broderick Boy Welsh Reddish-brown
Brodie Boy Gaelic Muddy place
Brody Boy Gaelic Muddy place
Brogan Boy Gaelic Shoe
Brolach Boy Gaelic Uncertain, perha...
Brolly Boy Gaelic Descendant of Br...
Bromley Boy English Broom hill; broo...
Brona Girl Slovak Defending or pro...
Broncia Girl Polish Protector of glory
Bronek Boy Polish Protector of glory
Bronia Girl Polish Protector of glory
Bronislav Boy Slovak Defending or pro...