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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Barbora Girl Greek Foreigner
Bora Both Albanian Snow
Borbála Girl Greek Foreign, strange
Borden Boy English Boar pasture
Boris Boy Slavonic Battle, fight
Borislav Boy Slavonic Famous battle
Borislaw Boy Slavonic Famous battle
Borivoj Boy Slovak Fighter; Warrior
Boromir Boy Literary Faithful jewel
Borromaus Boy Latin From Borromeo
Borys Boy Polish To fight
Boryslaw Boy Polish Battle for glory
Celeborn Boy Literary Tall silver tree
Colborn Boy English Cold stream
Ctibor Boy Slovak Fight with respe...
Czcibor Boy Polish To fight with ho...
Dalibor Boy Slovak To fight afar
Dalibora Girl Slovak To fight afar
Debora Girl Hebrew Bee
Deborah Girl Hebrew Bee
Fariborz Boy Afghan Character in Sha...
Freeborn Boy English One who is born ...
Freeborne Boy English One who is born ...
Gábor Boy Hebrew God is my might
Gibbor Boy Hebrew Hero
Gibor Boy Hebrew Hero
Gibora Girl Hebrew Heroine
Giborah Girl Hebrew Heroine
Herbord Boy German Bright army
Herbort Boy German Bright army