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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Carbery Boy Gaelic N/A
Chambers Boy English Servant of the b...
Colbert Boy English Meaning unknown
Cuthbert Boy English Famous and clever
Dagoberto Boy Germanic Clarity
December Girl Latin Tenth month
Delbert Boy Germanic N/A
Dietbert Boy Germanic The light among ...
Dilbert Boy English N/A
Eberardo Boy Germanic Strong as the wi...
Eberhard Boy Germanic Strong boar
Eberhardt Boy Germanic Strong as the wi...
Eberto Boy English Clever
Eberwin Boy Germanic Friend of the wi...
Eckbert Boy Germanic Brilliant sword
Edberto Boy English Clever
Edelbert Boy Germanic Nobly bright
Ediberto Boy English Clever
Edilbert Boy Germanic Nobly bright
Edilberto Boy Germanic Nobly bright
Egbert Boy Germanic Shining sword
Elbert Boy French Noble and famous
Elberta Girl French Noble and famous
Ember Girl English Burned coal
Emberto Boy Germanic Of great fame
Engelbert Boy Germanic Bright Angle
Ethelberga Girl English Noble fortress
Ethelbert Boy Germanic Nobly bright
Faber Boy Latin Blacksmith
Filbert Boy Germanic Much brightness;...