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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Abaye Boy Hebrew Little father
Ayeesha Girl Arabic Alive, She who l...
Ayeisha Girl Arabic Alive, She who l...
Ayelén Girl Mapudungun To smile; joy
Ayelet Girl Hebrew Dawn; Deer
Ayer Boy English Heir
Ayers Boy English Son of Ayer
Ayesha Girl Arabic Alive, She who l...
Cayetano Boy Latin From Gaëta
Chayele Girl Hebrew Alive, living
Claye Boy English Clay; claypit wo...
Faye Girl English Fairy
Fayette Girl English Fairy
Fayez Boy Arabic Victor
Gaye Girl English Happy
Hanaye Girl Japanese Flower blessing
Hayes Boy English Enclosure
Hisaye Girl Japanese Eternal blessing
Hrdayesa Boy Sanskrit Ruler of the heart
Isaye Girl Japanese Blessed with merit
Jaye Both English Jay bird
Jonaye Girl English N/A
Kaye Girl Greek Pure
Kwayera Boy African Appearance
Lafayette Boy French Beech tree
Masaye Girl Japanese Blessed with ele...
Maye Girl English The fifth month ...
Misaye Girl Japanese Beautiful sand p...
Nayeli Girl Native Ame... I love you
Nayely Girl Native Ame... I love you