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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Gaurav Boy Sanskrit Pride; respect
Gaurava Boy Sanskrit Pride; respect
Gauravi Girl Sanskrit Pride; respect
Gauri Girl Sanskrit White
Gaurija Boy Indian Son of Parvati
Gaurinatha Boy Indian Lord of Gauri
Haurahi Girl Maori Dew
Hauraro Girl Maori North; northern ...
Haurutu Girl Maori Dew
Isaura Girl Greek From Isauria
Isaure Girl Greek From Isauria
Isauria Girl Latin Ancient region o...
Isaurus Boy Greek From Isauria
Kaitokomauri Girl Maori Support person
Kakarauri Girl Maori Dusk; garment of...
Kaur Girl Indian Princess
Laur Boy French Laurel tree
Laura Girl Latin Laurel
Laurance Boy Latin Man from Laurentum
Laurane Girl French Combination of L...
Lauranne Girl French Combination of L...
Laure Girl Latin Laurel
Laure-Adeli... Girl Latin Laurel
Laure-Anne Girl French Combination of L...
Laure-Line Girl Latin Laurel
Laureen Girl Latin Laurel
Laurel Girl Latin Laurel
Laureline Girl Latin Laurel
Laurelle Girl Latin Bay tree, laurel.
Lauren Girl Latin Man from Laurentum