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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Adeltraud Girl Germanic Noble and loved;...
Arnaud Boy Germanic Powerful eagle
Aude Girl Germanic Elder; noble
Auden Boy English Old friend
Audey Girl English Noble strength
Audie Both English Wealth protector
Audra Girl Lithuanian Storm
Audrey Girl English Noble strength
Audriana Girl Latin Audrey and anna ...
Audrianna Girl Latin Audrey and anna ...
Audric Boy Germanic Old ruler
Audrina Girl English Noble strength
Audun Boy Norwegian Wealthy friend
Baudilio Boy Spanish Victory
Baudoin Boy Germanic Brave friend
Baudouin Boy Germanic Brave friend
Bertraud Girl Germanic Glorious strength
Claud Boy Latin Disabled
Claude Both Latin Disabled
Claudette Girl Latin Disabled
Claudia Girl Latin Disabled
Claudien Girl Latin Disabled
Claudina Girl Latin Disabled
Claudine Girl Latin Disabled
Claudio Boy Latin Disabled
Claudios Boy Latin Disabled
Claudiu Boy Latin Disabled
Claudius Boy Latin Disabled
Daud Boy Hebrew Beloved
Daudi Boy Hebrew Beloved