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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Aakarsha Boy Indian To allure
Aarsi Girl Indian Looking glass
Abhyavarshi... Girl Sanskrit One who comes re...
Adarsa Boy Sanskrit Mirror, image; t...
Adarsh Both Sanskrit Ideal, perfectio...
Arsalan Boy Persian Lion
Arsen Boy Greek Manly
ArsŤne Boy Greek Manly
Arseni Boy Greek Manly
Arsenia Girl Greek Virile
Arsenig Girl Greek Manly
Arsenij Boy Greek Manly
Arsenio Boy Greek Virile
Arsenios Boy Greek Manly
Arsenius Boy Greek Manly
Arseniy Boy Greek Manly
Arshad Boy Arabic Path to righteou...
Arshag Boy Persian Bear's cup
Arshaganoush Girl Armenian Sweet bear's cup
Arshagouhi Girl Persian Bear's cup
Arshalouys Both Armenian Dawn
Arshdeep Boy Punjabi N/A
Arshig Girl Armenian Dawn
Arsho Girl Armenian Dawn
Arshpreet Girl Punjabi N/A
Arsine Girl Greek Manly
ArsinoŽ Girl Greek N/A
Baatarsaikh... Boy Chinese Hero who brings ...
Carson Boy Gaelic N/A
Carsten Boy Latin Follower of Christ