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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Hearn Boy English Heron; bend, rec...
Incarnació Girl Spanish Incarnation
Incarnazión Girl Spanish Incarnation
Jaskarn Boy Punjabi Singer of the Lo...
Jharna Girl Sanskrit A little creek
Karn Boy Sanskrit N/A
Karna Boy Sanskrit N/A
Karniela Girl Hebrew Horn of the Lord
Karniella Girl Hebrew Horn of the Lord
Karnvir Boy Indian N/A
Kearney Boy Gaelic Victorious
Manikarnika Girl Sanskrit Earring containi...
Marna Girl Latin From the god Mar...
Marni Girl English Pet form of Marna
Marnie Girl English Pet form of Marna
Marnina Girl Hebrew Rejoice
Marny Girl English Pet form of Marna
Padarn Boy Latin Fatherly
Parnall Boy Latin N/A
Parneet Girl Punjabi N/A
Parnell Boy Latin N/A
Ritaparna Boy Sanskrit Truth-winged
Savarna Boy Sanskrit N/A
Savarni Boy Sanskrit N/A
Sharnel Girl American E... N/A
Sharnelle Girl American E... N/A
Sharnie Girl American E... N/A
Sharny Girl American E... N/A
Stearn Boy English Strict, severe
Stearne Boy English Strict, severe