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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Karmela Girl Hebrew Garden; orchard;...
Karmen Boy Hebrew Garden; orchard
Karmil Girl Hebrew Crimson, bright ...
Kharma Girl Greek Joy, delight
Kharmion Girl Greek Joy, delight
Marmaduke Boy Gaelic Devotee of Maedoc
Marmar Girl Central As... Marble
Narmada Girl Sanskrit She who gives pl...
Parmveer Boy Punjabi Supremely brave;...
Parmvir Boy Punjabi Supremely brave;...
Sarmad Boy Arabic Eternal
Sharma Boy Sanskrit Protection; refu...
Sharmada Boy Sanskrit Giver of bliss
Sharmain Girl Latin N/A
Sharmaine Girl Latin N/A
Sharman Boy English One who shears c...
Sharmane Girl Latin N/A
Sharmayne Girl Latin N/A
Sharmila Girl Sanskrit Protection
Sharmini Girl Sanskrit Blissful
Sharmonique Girl American E... N/A
Zarmayr Boy Armenian Amazing man