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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Bhartrhari Boy Sanskrit Worships god
Bhartrihari Boy Sanskrit Worships god
Candelaria Girl Latin Cadela; wax candle
Candelario Both Latin Cadela; wax candle
Caparina Girl Spanish N/A
Cari Girl German Free man
Caridad Girl Latin Love
Carie Girl German Free man
Carin Girl Greek [Pure]
Carina Girl Latin Beloved
Carine Girl Latin Beloved
Caris Girl Welsh Love
Carisa Girl French Caress
Carissa Girl French Caress
Carita Girl Latin Love
Caritas Girl Latin Love
Caritina Girl Greek Funny
Catarina Girl Greek Pure
Catarino Boy Greek Pure
Catharina Girl Greek Pure
Catharine Girl Greek Pure
CÚsarine Girl Latin N/A
Charin Boy Sanskrit Follower; disciple
Charini Girl Sanskrit Follower; disciple
Charis Girl Greek Grace; charm
Charisma Girl English Charm, appeal
Charissa Girl Greek Grace; charm
Charisse Girl Greek Grace; charm
Charity Girl English Charity; generou...
Clari Girl Latin Clear; bright; f...