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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Arianwen Girl Welsh Silver and blessed
Arianwyn Boy Welsh Silver and blessed
Aric Boy Norse Eternal ruler
Aricia Girl Greek N/A
Aricie Girl Greek N/A
Arie Boy Latin From Hadria
Ariel Both Hebrew Lion of God
Ariela Girl Hebrew Lion of God
Ariella Girl Hebrew Lion of God
Arielle Girl Hebrew Lion of God
Arien Girl Greek Most pure
Ariene Girl Latin From Hadria
Aries Boy Greek Battle strife
Arietta Girl Germanic Home ruler
Arif Boy Arabic Wise, knowledgea...
Arifa Girl Arabic Intelligent; wel...
Arig Boy Hebrew Weave
Arihi Girl Pacific Is... Of noble kind
Arihia Girl Germanic Noble kind; of t...
Arijit Boy Sanskrit Conquers enemies
Arik Boy Norse Eternal ruler
Arikiwi Girl Maori Cloak made of ki...
Arina Girl Russian Peace
Arioch Boy Hebrew Lion-like; kingly
Arion Boy Greek Braver
Aripra Girl Sanskrit Faultless; flawl...
Arissa Girl Greek Most excellent, ...
Arista Girl Greek Most excellent, ...
Aristaeus Boy Greek Most excellent, ...
Aristaios Boy Greek Most excellent, ...