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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Sarit Girl Hebrew Little princess
Sarita Girl Hebrew Princess
Sarveshwari Girl Sanskrit The sovereign Go...
Shabari Girl Sanskrit N/A
Shacharit Girl Hebrew Sunrise
Shacharita Girl Hebrew Sunrise
Shachariya Girl Hebrew Dawn of God
Shaharit Girl Hebrew Sunrise; morning
Shaharita Girl Hebrew Sunrise; morning
Shakambhari Girl Sanskrit Herb-nourishing;...
Shakrari Boy Sanskrit Enemy of Shakra
Shankari Girl Sanskrit Beneficent; blis...
Shari Both Hebrew The plains
Sharice Girl French Cherry
Sharicka Girl American E... N/A
Shariece Girl French Cherry
Sharif Boy Arabic Truthful, virtuous
Sharifa Girl Arabic Truthful, virtuous
Sharine Girl French Dear one
Sharisa Girl French Cherry
Sharise Girl French Cherry
Sharita Girl American E... N/A
Shemariah Boy Hebrew Guarding of god
Shivakari Girl Sanskrit Bringer of auspi...
Shrikari Girl Sanskrit Maker or giver o...
Shubhakari Girl Sanskrit Beneficent
Sunari Girl Sanskrit Virtuous woman
Sundari Girl Sanskrit Beautiful
Surasundari Girl Sanskrit Divine beauty
Sureshwari Girl Sanskrit Sovereign Goddes...