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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Acalapati Boy Sanskrit Lord of the moun...
Alapai Boy English Elf counsel
Annapati Boy Sanskrit King of food
Apala Girl Sanskrit Unguarded; undef...
Apara Boy African One who comes an...
Aparajita Girl Sanskrit Insurmountable; ...
Aparicio Boy Spanish Act of appearing
Aparición Both Spanish Act of appearing
Aparna Girl Sanskrit Leafless
Cakrapani Boy Sanskrit Discus holder
Capac Boy Native Ame... Splendid; glorio...
Capala Both Sanskrit Swift; lightning
Caparina Girl Spanish N/A
Chakrapani Boy Sanskrit Discus holder
Chapal Boy Sanskrit Swift; lightning
Chapala Both Sanskrit Swift; lightning
Dalapati Boy Sanskrit Group leader
Dinapati Boy Sanskrit Sun
Gajapati Boy Sanskrit Ruler of the ele...
Ganapati Boy Sanskrit Leader of the ga...
Hiapa'i'ole Both Hawaiian Expert, foremost
Huapala Both Hawaiian Ripe fruit
Hukapapa Girl Maori Frost
Iehohapata Boy Hebrew The Lord judges
Japa Girl Sanskrit Recitation
Japan Boy Sanskrit To mutter a prayer
Japana Boy Sanskrit To mutter a prayer
Jasapala Boy Sanskrit Protected by fame
Juožapas Boy Hebrew He will enlarge
Kamapala Boy Sanskrit The fulfiller of...