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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Arrianus Boy N/A N/A
Atanu Boy Sanskrit Unshapen; divine
Aurelianus Boy Latin Little golden one
Berhanu Boy African Light; light fro...
Bhanu Boy Sanskrit Appearance; ligh...
Bhanudatta Boy Sanskrit Offered by the s...
Bhanumata Boy Sanskrit Luminous; splendid
Bhanumati Girl Sanskrit Luminous; splendid
Brendanus Boy Gaelic Prince
Cajetanus Boy Latin From Gata
Canute Boy Norse Knot
Christianus Boy Latin Follower of Christ
Columbanus Boy Latin Dove
Coriolanus Boy Latin From Corioli
Cyprianus Boy Greek Cypriot
Danuja Boy Sanskrit Son of Danu
Danukas Boy Lithuanian God will be my j...
Danuta Girl Lithuanian Gift from God
Danuwa Girl African A good friend
Domitianus Boy Latin To tame
Emanuel Boy Hebrew God is with us
Emanuela Girl Hebrew God is with us
Emanuele Boy Hebrew We are with god
Emanuella Girl Hebrew N/A
Emmanuel Boy Hebrew God is with us
Emmanuelle Girl Hebrew God is with us
Emmanuil Boy Hebrew God is with us
Felicianus Boy Latin Happy, lucky, fo...
Gaetanus Boy Latin From Gata
Gallianus Boy Latin Rooster; from Gaul