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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Grante Boy French Great; tall
Granthika Boy Sanskrit Astrologist
Gurshant Boy Punjabi Finding peace in...
Gwennant Girl Welsh White stream
Gwynant Boy Welsh White stream
Hantaywee Girl Native Ame... Cedar tree
Hanumant Boy Sanskrit With heavy jaws
Harikant Boy Sanskrit Beloved by Indra
Harikanta Boy Sanskrit Beloved by Indra
Hasanti Girl Sanskrit Who delights
Hemant Boy Sanskrit Winter
Hemanta Boy Sanskrit Winter
Ianthe Girl Greek Violet
Ianto Boy Hebrew God is gracious
Inakanta Boy Sanskrit Precious to the ...
Indukant Boy Sanskrit Moonstone
Indukanta Boy Sanskrit Moonstone
Infant Both American E... Baby
Iolanthe Girl Greek Violet
Jantine Girl Dutch God is forgiving
Jasavanta Boy Sanskrit Famous
Jaswant Boy Sanskrit Famous
Jaswanti Girl Sanskrit Famous
Javaughantay Boy American E... N/A
Jayant Boy Sanskrit Victorious
Jayanta Boy Sanskrit The victorious; ...
Jayanti Girl Sanskrit The victorious; ...
Jayantika Girl Sanskrit The victorious; ...
Jivantika Girl Sanskrit Giver of a long ...
Jolanta Girl Greek Violet