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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Corianton Boy English N/A
Coriantumr Boy English N/A
Crisanto Boy Greek Flower of gold
Crisiant Girl Welsh Crystal; bright
Damayanti Girl Sanskrit Subduing
Dante Boy Latin Enduring, obstin...
Devakanta Boy Sanskrit Beloved of the g...
Devanta Boy Sanskrit Murderer of the ...
Dhimant Boy Sanskrit Learned; wise
Diantha Girl Greek Divine flower
Dianthe Girl Greek Divine flower
Dianthia Girl Greek Divine flower
Durant Boy French Enduring
Durante Boy Italian Enduring; lastin...
Dusyanta Boy Sanskrit Destroys evil
Eglantine Girl French Wild rose; sweet...
Ekaanta Boy Sanskrit Loneliness, soli...
Ekadanta Boy Sanskrit Having one tooth...
Erianthe Girl Greek Lover of flowers
Evanthe Girl Greek Fair flower
Fanta Girl African Beautiful day
Fantasia Girl Italian Fantasy
Fantin Boy Latin Child
Fantine Girl Latin Child
Folant Boy Latin Healthy, strong
Frantisek Boy Latin From France
Fuensanta Girl Spanish Holy fount
Glasnant Boy Welsh Blue stream
Gosdantin Boy Latin Steadfast
Grant Boy French Great; tall