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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Carantoc Boy Welsh Victorious
Carantog Boy Welsh Victorious
Chandrakant Boy Sanskrit Beloved of the m...
Chandrakanta Girl Sanskrit Beloved of the m...
Chantal Girl French Place of stones
Chantay Boy French Sang
Chanté Boy French Sang
Chantée Girl French Sang
Chantel Girl French Stony place
Chantell Girl French Place of stones
Chantelle Girl French Stony place
Chanthou Both Cambodian Flower
Chantilly Girl French Town in France; ...
Chantou Girl Cambodian Flower
Chantrea Girl Cambodian Moon; light of t...
Chantrelle Girl N/A N/A
Chantrice Girl American E... "Singer," perhaps
Chrisantha Girl Greek Marigold
Chrysanthe Girl Greek Marigold
Chrysanthem... Girl Greek Marigold
Chrysanthum Girl Greek Marigold
Conant Boy Gaelic Little wolf hound
Constant Boy Latin Steadfast
Constanta Girl Latin Steadfast
Constantia Girl Latin Steadfast
Constantijn Boy Latin Steadfast
Constantin Boy Latin Steadfast
Constantina Girl Latin Steadfast
Constantine Boy Latin Steadfast
Constantinus Boy Latin Steadfast