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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Abhisyanta Boy Sanskrit Splendid
Abundantia Girl Latin Abundant; of ple...
Acantha Girl Greek Thorn
Acanthus Boy Greek Thorn
Akantha Girl Greek Thorn
Akranti Girl Sanskrit Power
Amaranta Girl Greek Unfading
Amarante Girl Greek Unfading
Amaranth Both Greek Immortal; unfading
Amarantha Girl Greek Unfading
Amaranthe Girl Greek Unfading
Amarantos Boy Greek Unfading
Ananta Both Sanskrit The infinite, en...
Antain Boy Latin N/A
Antaine Boy Latin N/A
Antal Boy Latin N/A
Antanas Boy Latin N/A
Antara Boy Sanskrit Near, related; i...
Antaram Girl Armenian Eternal flower
Antares Boy Greek Against Ares
Ante Boy Latin N/A
Anthea Girl Greek Flowery
Antheia Girl Greek Flowery
Anthelme Boy German Helmet of God
Anthony Boy Latin N/A
Anthousa Girl Greek Flower
Antigone Girl Greek The opposite of ...
Antigonos Boy Greek The opposite of ...
Antigonus Boy Greek The opposite of ...
Antioco Boy Greek To hold out agai...