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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Dyanne Girl Latin N/A
Eachann Boy Gaelic Horse lord
Éanna Boy Gaelic Birdlike
Elianna Girl Hebrew The Lord has res...
Elianne Girl Latin N/A
Ellianna Girl Hebrew The Lord has res...
Erdmann Boy Hebrew Man; earth
Ermanno Boy Germanic Man in the army
Eumann Boy English Prosperous prote...
Fabianne Girl Latin A bean
Fanndís Girl Norse Snow woman; snow...
Fannee Girl Latin From France
Fanney Girl Latin From France
Fanni Girl Latin From France
Fannie Girl Latin From France
Fanny Girl Latin From France
Favianna Girl Italian Hopeful
Favianne Girl Italian Hopeful
Felicianna Girl Latin Happy
Fianna Girl Gaelic Soldiers, group ...
Flann Boy Gaelic Ruddy; red-headed
Flanna Girl Gaelic Red-haired
Flannacán Both Gaelic Ruddy; red-headed
Flannacha Boy Gaelic Red warrior
Flannagan Boy Gaelic Ruddy; red-headed
Flannait Girl Gaelic Ruddy; red-headed
Flannán Boy Gaelic Ruddy; red-headed
Flannchadh Boy Gaelic Red warrior
Flannery Both Gaelic Red-haired
Florianne Girl Latin Flower