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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Mani Both Sanskrit Jewel
Manidipa Boy Sanskrit With jewels deco...
Maniek Both Hebrew Uncertain, maybe...
Manik Boy Sanskrit Of jewels
Manika Both Sanskrit Of jewels
Manikantha Boy Sanskrit Blue bird; with ...
Manikarnika Girl Sanskrit Earring containi...
Manikya Boy Sanskrit Like a jewel
Manil Boy Sanskrit Jewel of a son
Manila Both Sanskrit Jewel of a son
Manilala Boy Sanskrit Jewel of a son
Manilla Girl Tagalog There is nilad
Maninder Boy Punjabi Lord of the mind
Manindra Boy Sanskrit Jewel of Indra
Maninee Girl Sanskrit Resolute
Manini Girl Sanskrit Resolute
Manirama Boy Sanskrit Ornamented with ...
Manis Both Hebrew God is with us
Manisankara Boy Sanskrit Jewelled Shiva
Manish Boy Indian Sagacity; desire
Manisha Girl Indian Sagacity; desire
Manishi Girl Sanskrit Desired by heart
Manisi Girl Sanskrit Desired by heart
Manita Boy Sanskrit Honoured
Manius Boy Latin Morning
Manix Boy Gaelic Little monk
Manizha Girl Indian Sagacity; desire
Manzanita Girl Spanish Small apple
Marjani Girl Swahili Coral
Masani Girl African One with a gap b...