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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Sang Hee Girl Korean Benevolence and ...
Sang Ki Boy Korean Benevolence and ...
Sang Kyu Boy Korean Aid and standard
Sang Min Boy Korean Aid and cleverness
Sangahina Girl Sanskrit Devoid of attach...
Sangita Girl Sanskrit Divine music
Shaoqiang Boy Chinese Strong and profo...
Solange Girl Latin Solemn
Sumangali Girl Sanskrit Greatly auspicious
Talajangha Boy Sanskrit With legs as lon...
Tangaroa Boy Maori God of the sea; ...
Tangela Girl American E... N/A
Tangi Both Pacific Is... Funeral, to cry ...
Tangno Boy Welsh Peace
Tanguy Boy Breton Fire warrior
Tangwen Girl Welsh White peace
Tangwyn Boy Welsh White peace
Tangwystl Girl Welsh Peace pledge
Taranga Boy Sanskrit Goes across
Tarangini Girl Sanskrit Full of waves
Topanga Girl Native Ame... A place above
Vangelis Boy Greek Good messenger
Varangi Girl Sanskrit With an elegant ...
Vihang Boy Sanskrit Bird
Vihanga Boy Sanskrit Bird
Wang Boy Chinese Hope, wish, desire
Wolfgang Boy Germanic Wolf going
Xi-Wang Boy Chinese Hope, wish, desire
Yao Niang Girl Chinese Beautiful maiden
Zhuang Boy Chinese Strong, robust