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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Angeni Girl Native Ame... Angel
Angharad Girl Welsh Beloved; much lo...
Angie Girl Greek Messenger
Angilberto Boy Spanish N/A
Angolwisye Boy African God has guided me
Angosisye Boy African God sanctified me
Anguó Boy Chinese Peaceful country
Angus Boy Gaelic One choice
Angusina Girl Gaelic One choice
Angyalka Girl Latin Of the angels
Aranga Girl Maori Easter
Arorangi Girl Maori Heavenwards
Asanga Boy Sanskrit Devotion, devote...
Atarangi Girl Maori Morning sky
Awrang Boy Afghan Intelligence
Bang Boy Chinese Nation
Banga Boy African Sword
Behrang Boy Afghan A good colour
Béranger Boy German Glorious spear
Bérangère Girl German Glorious spear
Bhadrang Boy Sanskrit Well-formed body
Bhadranga Boy Sanskrit Well-formed body
Chang Both Chinese Smooth, unimpede...
Evangelia Girl Greek Good news; beare...
Evangelina Girl Greek Good news; beare...
Evangeline Girl Greek Good news; beare...
Fang Girl Chinese Fragrant; pleasant
Fang Hua Girl Chinese Aromatic flower
Fang-hua Girl Chinese Aromatic flower
Farhang Boy Afghan Well bred