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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Bhagyananda... Boy Sanskrit One who is in co...
Blanda Girl Latin Sweet, friendly
Blandina Girl Latin Caressing
Blandine Girl Latin Caressing
Blandus Boy Latin Sweet, friendly
Brand Boy Germanic Sword
Branden Boy English Broom hill
Brandi Girl English Burning wine
Brando Boy Germanic Sword
Brandon Boy English Broom hill
Brandt Boy Germanic Sword
Brandubh Boy Gaelic Black raven
Branduff Boy Gaelic Black raven
Brandy Girl English Burning wine
Brandyn Boy English Broom hill
Breandán Boy Gaelic Prince
Brentland Boy English Area by the stee...
Calandra Girl Greek Beautiful youth;...
Calandre Girl Greek Beautiful youth;...
Calandria Girl Greek Beautiful youth;...
Canda Boy Sanskrit Fierce; passiona...
Candace Girl Greek Fire-white
Candalika Girl Sanskrit N/A
Candana Boy Sanskrit Sandalwood; soot...
Candelara Girl Latin Cadela; wax candle
Candelaria Girl Latin Cadela; wax candle
Candelario Both Latin Cadela; wax candle
Candice Girl Greek Fire-white
Candida Girl Latin Snowwhite; spotl...
Candide Boy Latin White