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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Shandra Girl Indian The moon; shining
Shashichand Boy Sanskrit The hare-marked ...
Shenandoah Boy Native Ame... After an Oneida ...
Shivabandhu Boy Sanskrit Friend of Shiva
Skand Boy Sanskrit Spurting; flowing
Skanda Boy Sanskrit Spurting; flowing
Southerland Boy Norse Southern land
Standford Boy English Stone ford
Standish Boy English Stone pasture
Sugandhi Boy Sanskrit Very fragrant
Sutherland Boy Norse Southern land
Syandene Girl African Arrives on time;...
Tawanda Both African N/A
Thandiwe Both African Loved one
Vanda Girl Polish N/A
Vandan Boy Sanskrit Adoration
Vandani Girl Sanskrit Adoration
Vander Boy English Archer
Vandita Both Sanskrit Saluted; worship...
Vanditri Girl Sanskrit One who salutes ...
Vandya Both Sanskrit Worthy of saluta...
Vivekanand Boy Sanskrit Finds joy in kno...
Vivekananda Boy Sanskrit Finds joy in kno...
Wanda Girl Slavonic N/A
Wandeczka Girl Slavonic N/A
Wandusia Girl Slavonic N/A
Wandzia Girl Slavonic N/A
Wayland Boy Germanic War land; brave ...
Xander Boy Greek Defending men
Xandra Girl Greek Defending men