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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Aanandaa Girl Sanskrit Blissful
Aanandi Girl Sanskrit Bestows pleasure
Aanandini Girl Sanskrit Blissful
Aanandita Girl Indian Bringer of joy
Aandaleeb Boy Sanskrit Bird
Abhayananda Boy Sanskrit Delighting in fe...
Abhicandra Boy Sanskrit Having a moon-li...
Abhichandra Boy Sanskrit Having a moon-li...
Abhimand Boy Sanskrit Gladdening
Abhinand Boy Sanskrit Celebrating
Abhinanda Girl Sanskrit Celebrating
Abhinandan Boy Sanskrit Celebrating
Abhinandana Boy Sanskrit Felicitous
Acanda Boy Sanskrit Without anger; g...
Acaryananda... Boy Sanskrit Son of the teacher
Achyutanand Boy Sanskrit Imperishable joy...
Adelland Boy Germanic Noble + land
Adityananda... Boy Sanskrit Son of the sun
Agheksandr Boy Greek Defending men
Akhanda Boy Sanskrit Indestructible
Alakananda Girl Sanskrit Young girl
Alaknanda Girl Sanskrit Young girl
Aland Boy Germanic Noble + land
Alando Boy Germanic Noble + land
Alejanda Girl Greek Defender
Alejandra Girl Greek Defender
Alejandrina Girl Greek Defender
Alejandro Boy Greek Defender
Aleksandar Boy Greek Defending men
Aleksander Boy Greek Defending men