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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Aremana Boy French Powerful man
Ariana Girl Greek Very holy one
Aromahana Girl Maori Springtime
Arpana Girl Sanskrit Auspicious; vene...
Aryana Girl Greek Very holy one
Astyanax Boy Greek Lord of the city
Atanacio Boy Spanish Without death
Atanasio Boy Spanish Without death
Athanase Boy Greek Immortal, eternal
Athanasia Girl Greek Immortal
Athanasios Boy Greek Immortal
Athanasius Boy Greek Immortal
Atmananda Boy Sanskrit Rejoicing in the...
Atyaananda Boy Sanskrit Intense joy
Aubriana Girl English Elfin king
Audriana Girl Latin Audrey and anna ...
Aukanai'i Both Hawaiian Strong warrior
Avellana Girl Latin Filbert or hazel...
Aviana Girl Latin N/A
Ayana Girl African Beautiful blossom
Badarayana Boy Sanskrit Belongs to the J...
Balamohana Boy Sanskrit Attractive one
Balanath Boy Sanskrit King of strength
Balanatha Boy Sanskrit King of strength
Banan Both Gaelic White
Banazīr Boy Literary Half-wise
Ben-Chanan Boy Hebrew Gracious son
Ben-Hanan Boy Hebrew Gracious son
Bhagavana Boy Sanskrit Of great fortune...
Bhagyananda... Boy Sanskrit One who is in co...