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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Anastázie Girl Greek Resurrection
Anastazja Girl Greek Resurrection
Anasuya Girl Sanskrit Knows neither sp...
Anasztáz Boy Greek Resurrection
Anatalia Girl Greek One who comes fr...
Anatol Boy Greek Dawn; the East
Anatole Boy Greek The East; dawn
Anatoli Boy Greek Sunrise
Anatolio Boy Greek The East; dawn
Anatolios Boy Greek Dawn; the East
Anatoliy Boy Greek Dawn; the East
Anatoly Boy Greek Dawn; the East
Anatolyi Boy Greek Dawn; the East
Anatoni Boy Latin N/A
Anavi Boy Hebrew My grapes
Anaxagoras Boy Greek Chief counsellor
Anaya Both Hebrew God answered
Anayis Girl Persian The immaculate; ...
Andreana Girl Greek Man, warrior; ma...
Angana Girl Sanskrit Fire; hot; destr...
Anjana Boy Sanskrit Collyrium; grey ...
Antanas Boy Latin N/A
Antoliana Girl Latin N/A
Aradhana Girl Sanskrit Worship; prayer
Aramoana Girl Maori Pathway to the o...
Arana Boy Maori Rock
Arcana Girl Sanskrit Respected
Archana Girl Indian Worship
Ardiana Girl Spanish Passionate
Arekaharana Girl Greek Defending men