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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Anandamayi Girl Sanskrit Consisting of bl...
Anandamrita Boy Sanskrit Nectar of bliss;...
Anandana Boy Sanskrit The blissful
Anandaprema Both Sanskrit Pure bliss and l...
Anandi Girl Sanskrit Bestows pleasure
Anandini Girl Sanskrit Blissful
Anandita Boy Sanskrit Delighted, joyful
Anandmayi Girl Sanskrit Consisting of bl...
Anane Boy African The fourth son
Ananga Boy Sanskrit Formless; divine...
Anangi Girl Sanskrit Formless; divine...
Ananiah Boy Hebrew Protected by God
Ananias Boy Hebrew From Jehovah
Ananmaya Boy Sanskrit Unbreakable
Ananta Both Sanskrit The infinite, en...
Ananya Both Sanskrit Unique
Anarosa Girl Spanish N/A
Anas Boy Arabic Pleasant compani...
Anasdas Boy Greek Resurrection
Anass Boy Arabic Pleasant compani...
Anastacia Girl Greek Resurrection
Anastacio Boy Greek Resurrection
Anastas Boy Greek Resurrection
Anastasia Girl Greek Resurrection
Anastasie Girl Greek Resurrection
Anastasio Boy Greek Resurrection
Anastasios Boy Greek Resurrection
Anastasius Boy Greek Resurrection
Anastasiya Girl Greek Resurrection
Anastáz Boy Greek Resurrection