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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Tana Girl Latin N/A
Tanaka Boy Sanskrit Reward
Tanaquil Girl Latin N/A
Tanaya Boy Sanskrit Son
Tanaz Girl Afghan N/A
Tapana Boy Sanskrit Illuminating
Taquana Girl American E... N/A
Tarana Boy Sanskrit Rescuing; saving
Tashana Girl American E... N/A
Tashanah Girl American E... N/A
Tatiana Girl Latin N/A
Tatyana Girl Latin N/A
Thana Girl Arabic Praise, commenda...
Thanases Boy Greek Immortality
Thanasis Boy Greek Immortality
Thanatos Boy Greek Death
Tiana Girl English N/A
Tifaimoana Girl Pacific Is... Treasure from th...
Tirana Girl Albanian N/A
Tyana Girl American E... N/A
Tzigana Girl Hungarian Gypsy
Udasutanaya... Boy Sanskrit The Lord of the ...
Udayana Boy Sanskrit Rising sun
Umanath Boy Sanskrit The Lord of Uma
Umanatha Boy Sanskrit The Lord of Uma
Upasana Girl Sanskrit Worship
Urbana Girl Latin From the city
Usakirana Boy Sanskrit First light of d...
Vacana Boy Sanskrit Oath; order
Valenciana Girl Latin Healthy and strong