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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Quiana Girl Latin N/A
Raanan Boy Hebrew Flourishing
Raanana Girl Hebrew Lucious
Rachana Girl Sanskrit Create
Radhamohana Boy Sanskrit Infatuated with ...
Radhatanaya Boy Indian Radha's son
Raghunandana Boy Sanskrit Son of Rahgu
Ramamohana Boy Sanskrit Attracting Rama
Ramana Both Sanskrit Lovable; charming
Ramanan Boy Sanskrit Delighting
Ramananda Boy Sanskrit Delight of Rama
Rana Girl Arabic Attractive, eye ...
Ranadhira Boy Sanskrit Steady in battle
Ranajit Boy Sanskrit Victorious
Ranajita Boy Sanskrit Victorious
Ranan Boy Hebrew Flourishing
Ranana Girl Hebrew Lucious
Rananah Girl Hebrew Lucious
Rangana Boy Sanskrit Funloving
Ranganatha Boy Sanskrit Lord of love
Ranjana Both Sanskrit Entertaining
Rasana Girl Sanskrit Beam of light; p...
Ratana Girl Thai Crystal
Ravikirana Boy Sanskrit Beam of sunlight
Ravinandana Boy Sanskrit Son of the sun
Rayhana Girl Arabic Fragrant
Razana Girl Arabic Composed; sedate
Razanah Girl Arabic Composed; sedate
Reichana Girl Hebrew Sweet smelling
Renana Girl Hebrew Joy, song