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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Obayana Boy African Warms himself at...
Oceana Girl Greek Ocean
Ogana Boy Sanskrit United
Oksana Girl Greek Welcoming
Omana Girl Sanskrit Giver of life
Omkaranatha Boy Sanskrit Lord of Om
Oriana Girl Latin Dawn, gold
Pa'ahana Boy Hawaiian Busy
Paavana Boy Sanskrit The cause of blo...
Padmanabh Boy Sanskrit The lotus-naveled
Padmanabha Boy Sanskrit The lotus-naveled
Pana Girl Greek Preparation
Panagiota Girl Greek All holy
Papaharana Boy Sanskrit Remover or destr...
Paradzanai Boy African Keep it aside
Parwana Girl Central As... Butterfly
Patitapavana Boy Sanskrit Purifier of the ...
Pavana Both Sanskrit Purifying
Philana Girl Greek Lover of mankind
Prabhavana Boy Sanskrit The creator
Pramodana Boy Sanskrit The joyful, deli...
Prana Boy Sanskrit Life-force; exha...
Pranav Boy Sanskrit Praise; salutation
Pranava Boy Sanskrit Praise; salutation
Pranay Boy Sanskrit (Spiritual) leader
Pranaya Boy Sanskrit (Spiritual) leader
Prisciliana Girl Latin Ancient
Puanani Girl Hawaiian Beautiful flower...
Puranjana Boy Sanskrit The embodiment o...
Qiana Girl Latin N/A