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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Akanke Girl African Lovable at first...
Akanni Boy African Our meeting brin...
Akantha Girl Greek Thorn
Akhanda Boy Sanskrit Indestructible
Akhilatman Boy Sanskrit Universal soul o...
Akiliano Boy Latin From Hadria
Akinlana Boy African Courage
Akranti Girl Sanskrit Power
Akshan Boy Sanskrit Eye
Alakananda Girl Sanskrit Young girl
Alaknanda Girl Sanskrit Young girl
Alan Boy Gaelic Rock
Alana Both Gaelic Rock
Aland Boy Germanic Noble + land
Alando Boy Germanic Noble + land
Alani Both Hawaiian Orange or orange...
Alanis Girl Greek N/A
Alankara Boy Sanskrit Decoration, orna...
Alanna Girl Gaelic Rock
Alannah Girl Gaelic Rock
Alannis Girl Greek N/A
Alano Boy Gaelic Rock
Alanson Boy Gaelic Belonging to Ala...
Alban Both Latin From the city Alba
Albane Girl Latin From the city Alba
Albano Boy Latin From the city Alba
Albany Both Gaelic Scotland
Alebana Boy Latin From the city Alba
Alejanda Girl Greek Defender
Alejandra Girl Greek Defender