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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Diana Girl Latin N/A
Diandra Girl American E... N/A
Diane Girl Latin N/A
Dianira Girl Greek He who kills for...
Dianna Girl Latin N/A
Dianne Girl Latin N/A
Diantha Girl Greek Divine flower
Dianthe Girl Greek Divine flower
Dianthia Girl Greek Divine flower
Dinabandhu Boy Sanskrit Companion of the...
Dinanatha Boy Sanskrit Sun; saviour of ...
Dingane Boy African Exiled, the litt...
Dionysophan... Boy Greek Dionysos manifest
Dipankara Boy Sanskrit Causes light
Diptiman Boy Sanskrit Bright
Diyanat Boy Turkish Piety; sincerity
Dolan Boy Gaelic Descendant of Du...
Domitiana Girl Latin To tame
Domitianus Boy Latin To tame
Donaciano Boy Latin Gift; donation
Donegan Boy Gaelic Descendant of Do...
Donnagán Boy Gaelic Brown, dark
Donovan Boy Gaelic Dark chieftain
Doran Boy Gaelic Pilgrim; strange...
Dorian Boy Literary N/A
Doriane Girl Literary N/A
Dorianne Girl Literary N/A
Doriano Boy Literary N/A
Dorján Boy Literary N/A
Dorman Boy English Wild animal